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Office of Special Services

Online Workshops

Technology Workshops

Join us every Tuesday at 1:00 PM or Wednesday at 10:30 AM, through Zoom.

Please reach out to Ryan Kushner for any questions about the workshops. Please visit Ryan through CraniumCafe here at Ryan's Cranium Cafe or by email at

February 9 & 10 - All aboout E-text: 

Find out what you need to know to get your alternative formats and to use them effectively. 

February 16 & 17 - Read & Write Software:

Learn how to get started using Read & Write. A free program for all LACC students that can read your books out loud and more

February 23 & 24 - Reading with JAWS OR More Read & Write: 

This will be two workshops in one. Some students may want to learn about JAWS, the Screen-reader for students who are blind while others may want to learn Read & Write more in-depth

March 2 & 3 - Notetaking Apps and Strategies: 

Learn about software you can use to take notes on your computer. You will also learn ways to make notetaking more effective

March 9 & 10 - Writing & Editing Apps:

We will discuss a variety of apps that you can use to improve your writing, whether it is for college papers or just writing emails. 

March 16 & 17 - Writing Research Papers:

We will discuss the Library Databases and how to access them. We will also look at creating CItations. 

March 23 & 24 - Google Skills:

This will show you how to use Google for ongoing independence. Learn some tips for getting the most out of the search engine. 

March 30 - Drop-ins:

This is an open-mic so you can come and ask any questions you have. 

March 31 - Cesar Chavez Holiday
April 6 & 7 - Spring Break
April 13 & 14 - Computer Basics:

What do you do when the computer doesn't seem to be working right? This will look at some ways to get the most out of your computer and prepare you for the worst.

April 20 & 21 - Other Resources:

We will focus on the campuswide resources available to all students here at LACC. 

April 27 & 28 - Other Resources:

We will focus on off-campus resources that you may not be aware of

May 4 & 5 - Cranium Cafe:

Learn to get the most out of Cranium Cafe and how you can connect with the various student services on campus

May 11 & 12 - Study Skills:

Learn about different apps that you can use to improve your studying. We will look at Quizlet and Read & Write

May 18 & 19 - Office 365:

Learn how you can get the most out of Office 365. We will cover the different apps included with this suite and how you can use them online or downloaded to your computer

May 25 & 26 - Drop-ins:

This is an open-mic so you can come and ask any questions you have. 

Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 932 4837 4655