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Supplemental Instruction

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Information for Faculty

Criteria Used to Select Targeted Courses for SI
  • Support of Department Chairperson
  • Support of Instructor for the course
  • Basic Skills Courses
  • Number of D, Fails and drops in the course
  • Number of students repeating the course
  • Perceived level of difficulty
Benefits of SI to Academic Departments and the Institution
  • SI assists students with the comprehension of course content and development of study skills.
  • SI lowers attrition rates in courses.
  • SI participants are more likely to be retained by LACC.
  • SI helps students improve exam grades and final course grades.
  • SI supports instructors by maintaining high expectations & standards.
  • SI enhances classroom experiences.
Funding for SI

SI receives funding from Equity, the Basic Skills Initiative, and the Transformation Grant. These pools of funding are used to provide SI sections.

The above criteria ensure we support the greatest number of students possible in courses for which SI is successful. Centrally funded SI must target courses that meet the most or all the criteria.

Faculty Responsibilities in the SI Program
  • Include language on the class syllabus to highlight the importance of the SI component.
  • Include language to encourage student participation in SI labs/workshops/tutoring sessions.
  • Include weekly activities and/or topics to help guide SI mentors to plan their weekly labs/workshops.
  • Provide a copy of class syllabus and roster to the assigned SI mentor before or during the first two class meetings.
  • Formally introduce the SI mentor on the first day. For English and ESL courses, allow the SI mentor to conduct a survey to assess students’ time availability.
  • Meet with the assigned SI mentor weekly to compare notes on the progress of individual students and plan future group tutorial session activities.
  • Meet regularly with other English and Math faculty to coordinate activities.
  • Share information with other classes about special extra-curricular activities.
  • Read Instructor and Mentor Guidebook to understand mentors’ responsibilities.
  • Sign and monitor Mentor’s time sheets.
  • Attend a workshop run by the SI Coordinator.

 Contact Us

Thi Thi Ma
SI Coordinator, Assistant Professor
(323) 953-4000 ext. 2702

 Hours & Location

Life Science 205 & 206

Monday-Thursday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Los Angeles City College | 855 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles California 90029


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