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Top Questions

Can I obtain a new student ID card or replace a lost student ID card (Cub Card)?
Can I Download Adobe programs to complete my assignments?
I need a laptop. What should I do?
How can I take an ESL placement test?
I need to speak with a counselor, how can I connect with them?

Admissions & Records

Can I be reinstated/enroll into a course after the start date?
I need to drop my courses but am unable to do so through the portal. What are my options?
I ordered transcripts to be sent to a school. Will there be any delays?
How can I order transcripts?
How can I request verification that I am a student at Los Angeles City College?
How can I request an Excused Withdrawal (EW) grade?

Business Office

I have a hold on my record, can I get it removed?
How do I request a 1098-T form?
What is the deadline for all school fees to be paid?

Campus Information

When will the library, showers in Kinesiology, or other buildings on campus be open?
Is the Health & Wellness Center still providing Mental Health services?

Classes & Canvas

I logged into my Canvas profile and my classes are not showing up. What should I do?

Financial Aid

Is Financial Aid still open and working?
How can I contact the Financial Aid Office?
When will I receive the $1,196 that appear on my award notification?
Are we still getting our FAFSA?

International Students

I'm an International Student, is it possible for me to return to my home country and continue taking online courses?

Free Laptops

I need a laptop. What should I do?
I am a student and I just received one of the free Chromebooks, but I need tech support. Can you help?
How do I use my Chromebook?

EOPS & Special Services

How do I maintain Continued Eligibility? Do I still need to make Counseling Contacts?
How do I Contact EOPS?
What happens to my Book Vouchers?
What happens to my Meal Vouchers?
How do I access Tutoring?
How are Other Services affected?

Don't see the answer to your question?

Contact the LACC Hotline

If you have a question and are uncertain who to contact, send an email to: