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Add Yourself to a Waitlist


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For additional information on Waitlists, please review the Waitlist Policy and Frequently Asked Questions

Step 1

Click on the Academic Menu buttonClick the Academic Menu button.


Click Add Classes link on the menu. Click the Add Classes link.

Step 3

The Add Classes page.If you know the Class Number, you may directly enter it and Click on Search.

If you are not aware of the exact class number then you may search the class using the traditional search criteria and then add.

In this example, we will add the class number directly. Click in the Enter Class Number field, and enter "10002".

Step 4

The Add Classes Shopping CartClick the enter link.

Step 5

Select Classes to Add page. Click the Waitlist checkbox.

Then click the Next link.

Step 6

The Select Class Shopping Cart pageYou have successfully added the Class to the Shopping Cart.

Scroll down the page, and click the Proceed To Step 2 of 3 link.

Step 7

The Confirm Classes page. Click the Finish Enrolling link.

Step 8

The Add Classes View Results page. You have successfully added yourself to the waitlist for the class.

Note the Green Check Mark in the Status Box next to the class, indicating you have successfully waitlisted the class.

Review the other topics in this tutorial section to learn more ways to use Student Portal system.


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