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Add a Class by Using a Permission Code

Follow the step by step guide below, or jump to the video walkthrough.


Log-in to

Step 1

Click on the Academic Menu buttonClick the Academic Menu button.

Step 2

Click the Add Classes Link on the MenuClick the Add Classes link on the Menu.

Step 3

The Add Classes page. Click the search link.

Step 4

Enter Search Criteria page Click in the Subject field, and enter the desired information into the Subject field.
For example, to search for Automotive Service Technology classes, enter "A S T".

Enter the desired information into the Course Number field. To continue with our A S T example, enter "001".

Step 5

The Search Criteria page Click the Campus dropdown button, and select the college campus for the course you will be adding.

Step 6

The Search Criteria page. Click the Search button to locate the class.

Step 7

Search Results page Click the select button for the desired course.

Step 8

The Search for Classes page. Click the Search link.


Step 9

The Search Results page Click the select button for the desired course.

Step 10

The Course Information PageVerify the course information.

Then, click the Next link.

Step 11

The Add Classes pageClass permissions are numbers or authorizations that are associated with a class and assigned to students to use at enrollment time.

Permissions allow a student to add or drop a class, as long as the student uses the permission by the expiration date and does not violate overall student limitation rules (such as maximum number of units).

Step 12

The Search Results pageClick in the Permission Nbr field and enter the valid permission number you have  received from the Instructor.

Note that every permission number is unique and can be used by the student only once for the specified class. Permission numbers are confidential.

Then, click the Next link.

Step 13

The Shopping Cart pageScroll down and click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button.




Step 14

The Confirm Classes page. Click the Finish Enrolling link.






Step 15

The View Results page. You have successfully enrolled into the Course using a Permission number.
Note the Green Check Mark in the Status Box, which indicates the Class has been added to your schedule.

Video Walkthrough

First you sign in to your student information system, and then from the Actions menu you can select "Enroll in Courses".

If it asks you for a term, choose the correct term, this is Fall 2017. Then select continue.

From this screen you're going to type the class number for the course that you have the permission code for. So in this in this case it's two five two seven three two five two seven three. Then press enter, and from here you can enter the permission code that the teacher is giving you and click "Next".

It's gonna say it's added to my shopping cart but I'm not finished yet. I'm gonna click "Proceed to Step Two of Three", and then I'm going to click "Finish Enrolling". 

And there it is. It says I've been added to the class, so let's look at my class schedule and I'm going to filter it to just show my enrolled classes, and there it is. 
There's the class I successfully added using a permission number. 

Thanks for watching.

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