Associate of Science, Chemistry - General

Everything in the world involves chemistry. The air you breathe, the food you eat, and the blood coursing through your veins all involve chemistry. It involves the snow on the mountains, the gasoline you put in your car, and the batteries used to run your iPod. A background in chemistry is essential to many high-paying, challenging careers in health care, technology, consumer industries, environmental management, and more, including: Pharmaceuticals, Forensic Science, Food Technology, Petroleum Industry, Food Technology, Cosmetics, and so much more. Chemistry meets a general education requirement for most university majors, particularly: Pre-medical, Pre-Dental, Nursing, Anthropology, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Physics and Pharmacy.

All chemistry courses offered at Los Angeles City College are designed to transfer to state and national university systems.

Beakers, Test Tubes, and Microchips

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