Admission Requirements


View and download the Information Session Announcement for the Information Session schedule, filing dates, and deadlines.

View and download the Spring 2024 ADN Nursing Program Application to access the application for the LACC Registered Nursing Program. Please attend an Information Session for more information if you have not already.

  • Due to COVID 19, we need to make changes to the application submission option. Please note the changes in the application.
  • All documents must be submitted in a sealed envelope with a cover sheet. On the cover sheet you must type your full name, email address, phone number, Info session Date, Student ID #, and the semester you are applying for.

View and download the Military Personnel Advanced Placement Policy regarding information for the LACC Nursing Education Program Military Personnel.

View and download the AP 4106 Registered Nursing Program Standards for details on Registered Nursing Program Standards.

The LACC Nursing Program accepts applications twice a year:

  • During Spring semester to apply for the following Fall semester.
  • During Fall semester to apply for the following Spring semester.

Exact dates are posted in the Information Session Announcement.

Required Steps to Apply to the Nursing Program

No Exceptions will be made to the Application Process or to the Application Filing Deadline.

All prerequisites (semester units) must be completed before the application filing period with a grade of “C” or better and grades are posted on transcript.

All college courses listed below must be completed before the admitting semester's application filing period to qualify for lottery selection. Proof of High School Diploma and/or College Degree is required prior to entering the nursing program.

  • Anatomy 1 (4 semester units)
  • Physiology 1 (4 semester units)
  • Microbiology 1 or 20 (4 semester units)
  • Chemistry 60 or 68 or one-year High School Chemistry (two semesters each with C or higher)
  • Psychology 1 (3 semester units)
  • Psychology 41 (3 semester units)
  • English 101 (3 semester units)
  • Math 125 (or higher)

The Nursing Faculty also recommends prospective nursing students to take both Medical Terminology Noncredit courses (VOC ED 400CE & VOC ED 435CE) before getting admitted to the program. View the Medical Terminology Schedule for Fall 2022

The Nursing Faculty strongly encourages students to complete the coursework below prior to entering the nursing program. The following courses are needed to graduate.

  • Communication Studies 101 or 121 (3 semester units)
  • Sociology 1 or Anthropology 102 (3 semester units)
  • 3 units of American Institution
  • 3 units of Humanities

Refer to LACC Class Schedule’s Graduation Plan B for all classes required for graduation.

Pre-Evaluation of Courses for Nursing Pre-Admissions
Many prospective Nursing students will have completed coursework outside of LACCD. They should first check our TES database which contains over 6,000 equivalencies with our corresponding LACC courses.

  1. If a course is listed as equivalent to ours, the Nursing department will accept it as part of their requisite courses for meeting minimum admissions (e.g., Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Psychology, Oral Communication, etc.)
    View LACC Courses & Equivalencies
  2. If a course is not listed in our TES database, the student may submit an online request and choose the dropdown box we recently added “Pre-Nursing Admissions” or indicate such in the comments section. A copy of the results will be provided to the prospective student, Counseling department and Nursing department.
    Submit a Course Substitution Petition
  3. If you still have questions after following the above steps, you can contact our adjunct Nursing counselors via email (Pornsa Thammaraks). Please click on the counselor's name to email them directly.

You must attend a mandatory Information Session. (See Information Session Announcement for how to RSVP). Only students who have attended an information session will be considered for admissions.

The Nursing Department will only evaluate official, sealed transcripts once all have been submitted. Once evaluation has been completed, you will be notified by email if you have qualified or not for this program. Please note: The Nursing Department will only evaluate official, sealed transcripts during the application filing period which the applicant submitted no later than the designated deadline.

The ATI TEAS exam, a diagnostic assessment test (basic math, English, reading, and science), must be taken before the application filing period ends.

NOTE: If you have already passed the ATI TEAS, you must have the official transcript(s) sent by ATI to LACC of all attempts and versions. The official transcript(s) must be received no later than the application filing period.

If you pass the Academic Evaluation successfully:

You may submit the Nursing Program application (the ADN Nursing Program Application link above). The application must be submitted in person:

Los Angeles City College Nursing Program,
855 North Vermont Avenue SCI-TECH 218 Front Desk
Los Angeles, CA-90029

If a date and a space is available, you may be assigned a date to take the ATI TEAS test at LACC when you submit your application. Your assigned test date cannot be changed or cancelled.

All students who have submitted an application must also pass the ATI TEAS in addition to meeting other requirements. Prospective students must score a composite score of 62.0% or higher on the ATI TEAS in order to pass.

Those who fail to achieve a passing score will be required to complete a remediation plan within one year of the initial testing date. Once remediation has been completed and approved, the prospective student may retake the ATI TEAS a second time and must pass with a 62.0% or higher in each subject category.

LACC Nursing will offer a virtual TEAS Exam for the first 20 eligible applicants on a first come first served basis.

If you completed Steps 1-3 & pass the ATI TEAS test successfully:

Your complete application, essay, ATI TEAS results, and all official transcripts will be reviewed by the Selection Committee. If approved, your application will be placed in the random lottery. We will notify you of your lottery result via email.

Regarding Foreign Country Transcripts:

All transcripts outside of the U.S. must be evaluated according to the following procedures:

  • You must complete 12 units with a “C” average within the LACCD prior to submitting any petition for credit.
  • Submit foreign transcripts to an LACC-approved foreign transcripts evaluation service to obtain credit recommendations.
  • Submit to the college’s Petitions Committee a sealed copy of the evaluation service’s credit recommendations along with a petition for approval of credit. Credit approval by the Petitions Committee is NOT automatic. (See a counselor for details.)

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