Food Chemistry Program

We are launching our Food Chemistry Program with Chem 071  (Introductory Food Chemistry) in the Spring 2024 Semester.  That course not only satisfies IGETC and CSU Physical Science Laboratory and Lecture requirements, but it also is the prerequisite for Chem 072 (Food Chemistry). 

Chem 071 will give you the scientific principles of nutrition, what chemical changes occur in cooking, and hands on laboratory experience exploring the many chemical properties of food and nutrition.  You will learn what vitamins really are, what 'carbs', and what proteins (...gluten?... that's a protein) do in food. 

Chem 072 takes Chem 071 to a higher level where you dive deeper into the previously studied underlying concepts and garner more technical laboratory skills.  Skills and knowledge that will allow you to eventually become a food chemist or scientist right out of LACC.

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