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If you are looking to order transcripts, please click the link for instructions on how to order: 

How to order transcripts. 

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Fall 2023 Instructions for Class Enrollment: Enrollment can be done online in the student portal at or in person at the Admissions Office. If the class is open with no students on the waitlist, you can enroll yourself online without a permission number through the end of the day on Tuesday August 29. If the class has students on the waitlist or is closed, the only way to get in is with an instructor-issued permission number. If the class is online, send an email to the instructor to request permission. If the class is in person, go to the next class meeting to request permission. The second session begins on October 23, 2023. Students can still enroll if classes are open. 



Announcements - updated 10/18/2023

1) The Fall 2023 and Winter/Spring 2024 schedules are now posted online at Enrollment times for Winter and Spring should be posted to student portals by the end of Friday, October 20. Applications are still being taken through CCCApply but require 3 business days to fully process once submitted before your student portal and email will be active and registration will be possible. Please apply here: LACC Application

2) Fall 2023 Instructions for Class Enrollment: Online self-enrollment is now closed except for the second Fall session starting October 23rd. Students can still enroll for these October classes without permission numbers if the classes are open, either online through the student portal at or in person at the Admissions Office. First session and full term Fall classes now require a permission number issued by the instructor, regardless of open, closed, or wait list status, as well as an authorization statement from the instructor indicating the student has been participating since before the census date. If the class is online, send an email to the instructor to request permission and this confirmation. If the class is in person, go to the next class meeting to request permission and have the instructor sign a late add form (available from the admissions counter). Contact and room information is available in individual class details. If the class has no specific listed instructor, contact the department overseeing the class: LACC Academic Departments 

3) Canvas will update for online class access within 2 hours of enrollment. To access your online class, log into the student portal at and click on Canvas.  

4) To clear a prerequisite, email Academic Counseling at and put in the subject line "Your Name - Student ID# - the LACC course(s) you intend to take." Please attach a copy of your transcript (unofficial is acceptable) that clearly shows the college name, your name, the course title, the term taken, and the final grade received. If you already had your transcript sent to LACC, you can mention that in your email. During business hours, you may also try live online chat with Academic Counseling using this link for LACC Express Counseling: LACC Counseling Lobby. Transcripts are not automatically evaluated when received, you must follow up with counseling as above.

5) For Admissions and Records, all items to be processed must be emailed from the LACCD student email account to: . We will reply to your email once processed. 

6) If you are checking on incoming transcripts you had sent from another university, please note they may take 1-2 weeks to be scanned and logged. In the meantime the To Do List item regarding transcripts does not prevent enrollment. You may enroll for classes without waiting on them, though please see item #2 if there are prerequisites.

7) If you have trouble with enrollment, the Admissions Office can attempt to process it for you if you send an email to from your student email account. Use "Add Class" for a subject line and be sure to include student name, student number, course name, course number (5 digits), semester/year and permission number from the instructor (if necessary).

8) Our standard processing time for Parchment transcript orders is up to 10 business days (approximately two weeks). Please note this is separate from delivery method so please also factor in delivery time if you chose the physical mailing option.

9) Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 Certificates and Degrees are ready to pick up in the Admissions Office. If you prefer to have it mailed, please notify us at

10) For K-12 students, please note once the permission form is processed you may enroll into class. The High School student hold does not come off until you graduate but we use other pages to process the permission form. You may enroll into the specific classes listed on the form. A new form is required for every semester.

11) Having trouble with your student portal password? Please send your name, student number, and photo ID card to to request password reset. If you need a reset for your phone authentication, please email that request (including any phone number change necessary and your photo ID and student information as above) to

12) Counseling appointments currently open each day for the next day on the counseling department website. . Please note Admissions & Records cannot assist with appointment requests. But, Express Counseling is available during the counseling office's hours which is an on the spot online live chat with a counselor for approximately 10 minutes. Most requests such as home campus changes, major changes, academic renewals etc. can be resolved during an express session.  LACC Express Counseling Lobby 

**NEW FOR SPRING 2023 DIPLOMAS: All Spring 2023 diplomas will be distributed through a third-party company called Parchment using the mailing address we have in our system.

You can expect to receive a text message and an email from in your student email account sometime after October 19th, 2023. This message/email will include a link to claim your digital transcript within 30 days. After receiving the email, physical copies will be mailed out, but only after a 3-day grace period. During this time, you will have a window of 3 days to confirm your mailing address directly from the Parchment webpage, without having to contact Admissions.

If you have changed your legal name, phone number, or mailing address, we recommend to reach out to the Admissions and Records Office at to request the updates at your earliest convenience, since waiting for the email from Parchment will give you only three days from the day you receive the email to make the necessary changes. Please be sure to attach a photo ID for verification with any change requests.

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How to Apply to Los Angeles City College

How to Add a Class with a Permission Number

How to Add a Class without a Permission Number

How to Drop a Class

Frequently Asked Question

First, follow the instructions on LACCD Email System. If unsuccessful, please visit the campus Welcome Center located in the Student Services Building. A staff member will assist to resolve your campus email and/or student portal problem.

To enroll in a course for the fourth time, a student must complete a Fourth Attempt Petition Form and submit to the Admissions and Records within the specified deadlines.

Please send a message to from your LACCD campus email with your pertinent information (Name, Student ID, Course Name, Explanation of how prerequitie is met). You may also complete a Course Request Card/Prerequisite Override and submit to the Admissions and Records office with your Student ID.

The most convenient way to pay your student fees is on your student portal.

You may also pay your fees in person at the college Business Office during business hours. The college Business Office will accept cash and money order/cashier checks only. For all in-person payments, you will need to provide your student ID number and a driver's license.

If you must pay in person on campus with credit or debit card, you may do so at a computer workstation in the campus Welcome Center.

Under normal circumstances, a Withdrawal (W) cannot be removed on a student’s permanent record. However, the student may petition to have a Withdrawal (W) be removed if a student withdrew from the course under any of the following circumstances:

  • Discriminatory treatment
  • Retaliation for alleging discriminatory treatment
  • Remaining in the course would subject the student to discriminatory treatment

If a student wishes to petition the removal of a Withdrawal (W) based on the above circumstances, a General Petition form with supporting documentation must be submitted to Admissions and Records. (Title 5, C.C.R., Section 55024 (a) (8))

Mission Statement

The mission of Admissions and Records is to uphold the academic policies of the college and maintain the academic records of students.

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If you are experiencing issues with the Student Information System (SIS) student portal, you may report your problem by completing this form.

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Request a change to your permanent record by submitting a General Petition Form.

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Fridays: 8:00AM - 2:00PM
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Mondays to Thursdays: 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Fridays: 8:00PM - 2:00PM
Saturdays and Sundays: Closed

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