Frequently Asked Questions

Go to www.laccbookstore.com

  1. Choose your term from the dropdown menu - click GO
  2. Choose your Department, Course and Section (course ID/Instructor)
  3. Vie list of books will show. They will be auto filled with quantity 1.
  4. Change any books you do not want to zero. (pay special attention to titles that say Choose One or optional items)
  5. Click Purchase - at this time you can choose another class or click CONTINUE TO CHECKOUT
  6. Review purchase - quantities and titles - when Ready click CHECKOUT
  7. At this time you will need to make an account or login
    1. Fill in Name and address – look for errors – We are not responsible for packages sent to the address provided if you made an Error.
    2. Make sure to include Apartment #
  9. Choose Shipping method, shipping or pick up
  10. Include Special instructions or notes for the store – keep in mind FEDEX does not call you when they arrive or follow specific instructions
  11. Click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT INFO - If you have a voucher please still add a credit card in case you do not have enough funds.
  12. Verify totals, choose Payment method, and Enter Student ID (if you do AR Charge ID number goes in that box and Student ID box/ Verify Billing Address)
  14. Click PLACE MY ORDER

More Information About Purchasing Books

Go to www.laccbookstore.com

  1. to My Account (you may have to login)
  3. Click on the order number
    1. NOTE - status of SHIPPED means we have processed items on your order and they are either ready for pick up or have been shipped.
    2. REMEMBER - if you chose PICK UP - you can only come to campus WITH AN APPOINTMENT – your time and date will be emailed to you. You MUST have the email to pick up on campus.
    3. Your order will show the Original order (what you put in the cart) and CURRENT ORDER which will show any adjustements like New to Used or physical to digital.

NO, we process orders in the order we get them so the oldest orders will be completed before new ones. By reordering you risk being charged multiple times for the same item. Please just follow up on your original order.

This happens when we:

  1. Have not received the book from the vendor, or
  2. Ran out of stock and are waiting for more.

As soon as we have more of the item in stock we will fill orders from oldest to newest.

This means the book you ordered has not arrived at the store yet. Your order will be processed for pick up or shipping as soon as we have it in stock.

If you chose pick up watch for an email from notifications@mail.prismrbs.io with your appointment time.

If you chose FedEx shipping watch for an email from FedEx with your tracking information.

Go To laccbookstore.redshelf.com

You will need to set up an account at laccbookstore.redshelf.com with the email you used to purchase the content (the same as your laccbookstore.com login).

Orders can only be picked up by Appointment.

You will receive an email when your order is ready to be picked up. Please check your spam folder, the email will come from notification@mail.prismrbs.io

You can, but if you do not have enough funds on your voucher your order will be delayed. We will need to contact you and you may need to place a new order.

Yes, please email bookstore@lacitycollege.edu with your order number and student ID and inform us that you would like to do a change of payment.

Go to laccbookstore.redshelf.com you will need to set up an account with the email you used to order the item at laccbookstore.com.

Your book will be on your “bookshelf” when you login. You will need to use the code provided on your bookshelf at the Cengage site. (If the sign in screen does not come up please try a different browser)

Go to laccbookstore.redshelf.com and create an account using the same email you ordered with at www.laccbookstore.com to login.

  • Go to MY SHELF
  • YOUR CODE for Cengage Unlimited should be there with instructions on how to redeem
  • If you have problems click the GET SUPPORT button
  • Next go to login.cengage.com to redeem your code
    (If the sign in screen does not come up please try a different browser)
  • If you have problems redeeming your code at the Cengage site please set up a virtual meeting here. A Cengage support team member will assist you during their virual office hours.

Unfortunately, no. The return deadlines are determined by the vendor.

We will try to work with you if you dropped the item off before the deadline or if there are other extenuating circumstances.

NO, due to Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines please do not show up without an appointment. When your order is ready you will receive and email with your appointment date and time. Customers are not allowed in the store and pick-ups are done in front of the Student Union.

File a claim with FedEx using your tracking number, then email the claim number to bookstore@lacitycollege.edu with an explanation and we will assist you further if needed.

File a claim with Fedex using your tracking number, then email the claim number to bookstore@lacitycollege.edu with an explanation and we will assist you further if needed.

No, you can place an order at www.laccbookstore.com

EOPS students choose EOPS VOUCHER from the check out options, you will be prompted if you need a credit card.

Non-EOPS VOUCHERS – please use a credit or debit card to process your order. In shipping instructions type the department you have a voucher with eg. VOC REHAB, VETERANS etc. We will process your order on your account and only charge you if you do not have enough funds on your voucher.

Visit www.laccbookstore.com and click on the general merchandise tab.

While our physical store is closed and for the safety of staff and customers store buyback is cancelled until further notice.

We have partnered with Nebraska Book Company and you can sell your books here or by clicking the Sell button at www.laccbookstore.com

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