Evacuation of Persons with Disabilities

It is suggested that the wheelchair occupant or person with mobility impairment prepare for emergencies ahead of time by instructing a classmate or instructor of how to assist him/her in the case of an emergency. In the event of an emergency, persons in wheelchairs and other disabled individuals should observe the following evacuation procedures:

  1. Flash lights intermittently to alert deaf or hard of hearing persons.
  2. All persons should move toward the nearest marked exit.

A.- As a first choice, the wheelchair occupant or person with mobility impairment may use building elevators, but never in the case of fire or earthquake.

B.- As a second choice, when a wheelchair occupant or other person with mobility impairment reaches an obstruction such as a staircase, he/she should request assistance from others in the area.

C.- If assistance is not immediately available, the wheelchair occupant or person with mobility impairment should stay in the exit corridor, or the stairway or landing. He/she should continue to call for help until rescued. A person who cannot speak loudly should carry a whistle or have other means of attracting the attention of others.

Your Sheriff’s Department Personnel/Building Captains/Floor Wardens will be responsible for checking the evacuated area for all persons with disabilities.

An Emergency Evacuation Chair (Evac-U-Trac) is placed in buildings that are two-stories or higher to accommodate safe evacuation of individuals who can not be escorted safely down the stairwell. These Evac-U-Trac chairs are normally placed next to the elevator and stairwell at the highest floor of the building. Rescue, fire and/or police personnel, and Building Marshal will first check all exits, corridors and exit stairwells for trapped persons.

Faculty, staff and students with a disability are encouraged to file an Emergency Work Station/Class Schedule with the OSS (Office of Special Services) located in the Student Services Building, 1st Floor.

Identify the location of the nearest Evac-U-Trac:

The LACC Sheriff's Station

Office Hours and Location

Operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Cesar Chavez Administration Building 111


Email: laccsheriffs@lacitycollege.edu

In an emergency, dial 2911 from any campus phone or call the direct Emergency phone number at (323) 953-2911.

For non-emergencies and general questions, please call (323) 953-4005 or you can email us at