Flooding & Water Damage

Flooding in the metropolitan Los Angeles area is generally limited to streets during periods of heavy rainfall. Occasionally, rainfall and wind conditions in the area are such that trees fall causing structural damage to buildings and roadways. Access to and from the campus may be hindered due to traffic congestion. Flooding of the campus is most likely to be associated with a heavy rain downpour or broken water main.

Should a flooding situation occur, an orderly evacuation of the area should be initiated. Call the Sheriff’s Department at #3 or (323) 953-2911 Sheriff’s personnel will notify the appropriate college personnel and dispatch personnel to the area.

Water Damage

Serious water damage can occur from a number of sources: broken pipes, clogged drains, broken skylights or windows, or construction oversights. Requests for repairs of leaky pipes and broken faucets are not a flood situation. They are to be reported by sending a work request form to Facilities Administration for notification of needed repair.

If a serious water leak occurs:

  1. Call the Sheriff’s Department at #3 or (323) 953-4005. Advise the dispatcher of the exact location and severity of the leak. Indicate whether any valuables are involved or are in imminent danger.
  2. Notify your supervisor of the extent and the location of the leak, use extreme caution. If there is any possible danger, evacuate the area.
  3. If you know the source of the water and are confident of your ability to stop it (i.e., unclog the drain or turn off the water), do so cautiously.
  4. Be prepared to assist as directed in protecting college property and valuables that are in jeopardy. Take only essential steps to avoid or reduce immediate water damage.


Individuals in the hazardous area should be notified/warned and directed to leave the affected area. Do not enter an area that has been flooded until told to do so by emergency personnel. Employees are not to leave the campus until authorized to do so by an authorized administrator or Sheriff’s personnel.

The LACC Sheriff's Station

Office Hours and Location

Operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Cesar Chavez Administration Building 111


Email: laccsheriffs@lacitycollege.edu
In an emergency, dial 2911 from any campus phone or call the direct Emergency phone number at (323) 953-2911.
For non-emergencies and general questions, please call (323) 953-4005 or you can email us at