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STEM Pathways is Supported by Department of Education PR#P031C160251​

LACC is partnering with its feeder high schools and the California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) to implement the STEM Pathways Program to achieve the following goals:

  1. Increase the number and percentage of underrepresented and/or low-income students attaining certificates and degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM);
  2. Increase the number and percentage of underrepresented and/or low income students who complete a certificate and/or degree in STEM within two years; and
  3. Increase the number and percentage of underrepresented and/or low-income students transferring to baccalaureate programs in STEM. 

Specifically, STEM Pathways will implement the following strategies:

  1. Math Preparation and Support – The program will provide an accelerated math pathway for STEM majors, math summer bootcamps and tutoring, as well as instruction at high schools to promote rapid progression and completion of college-level math and core STEM courses.
  2. Peer-Led Team Learning – The program will establish a STEM Learning Center to provide centralized resources to participants, including peer facilitated study groups, tutoring, and supplemental instruction in STEM gateway courses.
  3. STEM-Specific Individualized Counseling and Peer Mentoring – A dedicated STEM Counselor and Peer Mentors will develop and monitor individual education plans, provide transfer activities, and academic and nonacademic support to promote success.
  4. Faculty Mentoring – Faculty Mentors will provide discipline-specific guidance and STEM exposure activities (STEM Workshop/Speaker Series, field trips, professional networks).
  5. Early Undergraduate Research Experiences – Students will have access to course-based and summer research experiences.
  6. STEM Fast Track to Baccalaureate – High school students will take prescribed college courses, participate in STEM exposure activities, and have access to undergraduate research opportunities.

We hope that you and your families are keeping safe and well at this time. While the LA County "Safer at Home" order is in effect, STEM Pathways will be making general tutoring and Supplemental Instruction sessions available online through Zoom. Please use the following link to access General Tutoring sessions. Meeting information for Supplemental Instruction will be emailed to you by your professor.

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