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The Admissions & Records Office maintains all student records. The office processes admissions applications, graduation petitions, assigns Student Identification Numbers and registration appointments. In addition, students can also petition to update their academic student records, update personal information, and request transcripts.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Jeremy Villar
Registrar: Rocio Rubalcava

Break It To Make It (BITMI) provides a body of services and activities for students who were formerly incarcerated. BITMI offers outreach to local detention centers and re-entry homes about LACC educational and training opportunities. Students receive academic and career counseling, tutoring, peer mentoring, referrals to needed resources on and off campus, participate in field trips and educational excursions, and engage in a student support group.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Saadia Lagarde Porche
BITMI Counselor: Mario Escalante

CalWORKs assists student parents who are receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to realize their Dreams, Achieve their educational goals and Succeed in leading families to self-sufficiency and independence -DAS. Student-parents receive the benefit of education, priority registration, workforce training, one-on-one counseling and specialized case management. Additionally, books and supplies, childcare and tutoring are provided at no cost for eligible student-parents.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Saadia Lagarde Porche
CalWORKS Director: Reynold Garcia

CARE is a supplemental program within EOPS that provides additional support services for single heads of household receiving TANF/CalWORKs assistance. In addition to all EOPS services, CARE students also receive priority academic and retention counseling, educational workshops, mini group counseling sessions, university and cultural field trips, school supplies, transportation assistance, meal vouchers, book and laptop loan service.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Saadia Lagarde Porche
CARE Program Lead: Annet Estrella-Torres

The General Counseling Department offers services to assist students in choosing classes, selecting a program of study, information on AA degrees/Certificates of Completion, transferring and creating an academic plan. Personal issues and academic difficulties can also be addressed. Students can schedule 30-minute appointments in advance or ask quick questions on a walk-in basis.

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Supervising Dean: Drew Yamanishi
Division Chair: Ed Bird Song

The EOPS program provides support services to first time and returning students who are educationally and financially disadvantaged. EOPS offers support, over, above and in addition to the support provided by the college which includes intensive counseling, book services, one-on-one tutoring, meal vouchers, and more. Students must be CA residents (or AB540 students), qualify for Financial Aid BOG Waiver A or B, must be enrolled in 12 or more units (OSS student exceptions), must have completed less than 70-degree applicable units and not have earned an AA/AS degree or equivalent.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Saadia Lagarde Porche

The Financial Aid Office administers federal, state, and institutional programs designed to expand college access. The available financial assistance comes in the form of grants, work-study, loans, and scholarships. The assistance makes it possible for individuals to continue their education beyond high school, even if they and/or their families cannot meet the full cost of post-secondary education.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Jeremy Villar
Financial Aid Manager: Michelle Anderson

The FYE program is designed to help students to be successful in their first year of college by providing a supportive, nurturing environment complete with educational and career guidance so they may achieve their educational and career goals.

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Supervising Dean: Drew Yamanishi

The Foster and Kinship Care Education program provides quality education and support opportunities for caregivers of children and youth in out-of-home care so that these providers may meet the educational, emotional, behavioral and developmental needs of children and youth.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Saadia Lagarde Porche
FKCE Coordinator: Alvaro Aguila

Fresh Success offers participants help with essential material resources alongside a wide range of academic, personal and career support services.

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The mission of the Genderversity and Multicultural Center is to acknowledge and promote cultural enrichment and gender diversity while focused on closing the achievement gaps within our targeted disproportionately impacted student groups.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Jeffrey Holmes
Multicultural Center Coordinator: Andrea Eke-Amacker

The Guardian Scholars Program (GSP) serves students who are former, current or emancipated foster youth. GSP's mission is to support and empower students on their path to pursuing a Career Technical Certificate, Associate's Degree, and/or transfer to a university. The program offers a Guardian Scholars Student Center that is a welcoming space for students to gain educational and personal assistance.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Saadia Lagarde Porche
Guardian Scholars Coordinator: Alvaro Aguila

The Health & Wellness Center serves enrolled students. The Center offers basic primary and non-emergency care, mental health and behavioral counseling, family planning, referrals, TB skin test, and other laboratory tests and immunizations (TD, Hep B, MMR), some which carry additional fees. Appointments can be made to see a medical provider or mental health counselor/professional.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Jeffrey Holmes

Mental health services provided to currently enrolled students by graduate level interns and supervised by a licensed mental health professional.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Jeffrey Holmes
Life Skills Coordinator: Joseph Exnowski

NextUp is a supplemental component of the existing EOPS program and an extension of EOPS services that is designed to assist current or former foster youth who are under the age 26 and whose dependency with the court was established or continued on or after the student’s 16th birthday.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Saadia Lagarde Porche
NextUp Coordinator: Alvaro Aguila

The Office of Special Services (OSS) provides support services and instruction to LACC students with verified disabilities who register with OSS each academic semester. Services provided or authorized by OSS include: priority registration, academic counseling, learning disability assessment, disability verification based upon documentation and appropriate professional signature, accommodation testing services, specialized instructional courses, specialized/ supplemental instruction, materials in alternate media, and training on adaptive/assistive computer technology.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Jeffrey Holmes

The Outreach and Recruitment Office assist LACC's diverse student population to easily transition into the community college environment. Ambassadors are committed to guiding students through the initial steps of the enrollment process. Services include campus tours, application workshops, high school visits and etc.

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Supervising Dean: Alen Andriassian
Outreach Coordinator: Brenda Brown

The purpose of Student Discipline is to provide uniform procedures to assure due process when a student is charged with a violation of the Standards of Student Conduct. Student Conduct - Students enrolled in one of the Los Angeles Community Colleges expect that the faculty and administrators will maintain an environment in which there is freedom to learn. Each student is responsible for maintaining standards of academic performance established for each course in which he or she is enrolled.

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Supervising Dean/College Disciplinarian: Dr. Jeffrey Holmes

A grievance is a formal complaint by a student arising out of an alleged action of the faculty, administrators, or staff of the college. The person or entity against who the complaint is made is referred to in this document as the "respondent." Such action is alleged by the student to be an unauthorized or unjustified action which adversely affects the status, rights, or privileges of the student.

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College Ombudsperson: Dr. Jeremy Villar

The Office of Student Life (OSL) provides opportunities for students to enhance their overall personal and leadership development beyond the classroom. The OSL team empowers students to be engaged citizens through co-curricular services and activities to explore leadership, civic engagement, culture, and personal development. Our programs include the Associated Student Government (ASG), clubs & organizations, leadership training, educational and cultural events.

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Supervising Dean: Alen Andriassian
Student Life Specialist: Armineh Dereghishian

TRIO SSS is a federally funded program designed to serve students who want to graduate with an AA or AS and transfer to a four-year university. Eligibility: 1) U.S. citizen or permanent resident, 2) enrolled at LACC, 3) low-income and first-generation college student or a student with a disability, 4) evidence of academic need.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Saadia Lagarde Porche
TRIO SSS Director: Yessica Noriega Del Campo

The Transfer Center's primary purpose is to assist students with the process of transferring to a university. We answer questions about the transfer process, admissions requirements, and major preparation. We provide students with the opportunity to meet University representatives, and to attend workshops in order to demystify the application process. We encourage students to come to the Transfer Center early and often so we can assist you in your transfer journey.

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Supervising Dean: Drew Yamanishi
Transfer Center Director: Jesus Gomez

Umoja (a Kiswahili word meaning unity) is a learning community dedicated to the academic success, personal growth, and self-actualization of African-American and other students. Umoja provides a supportive environment including counseling, Tutoring, Cultural Workshops and Events, Leadership Development, Academic Workshops, Faculty and Staff Mentoring, Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) Tours, Transfer Agreements with UCs and HBCUs, and more.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Jeffrey Holmes
Umoja Coordinator: Andrea Eke-Amacker

SLDK Upward Bound is a federally-funded TRIO Program designed to prepare low-income, first generation potential college students with the skills and information needed to pursue a post-secondary educational program. We serve students attending Belmont, Hollywood, Fairfax and Manual Arts High Schools. Services include academic counseling, skills development, career guidance, financial aid information, and a first-hand college experience.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Saadia Lagarde Porche
Upward Bound Director: Michael Lopez

The Veterans Affairs program promotes an attitude of collaboration within the campus and surrounding community to increase awareness and sensitivity to issues concerning veterans. The goal of the program is to create an encouraging environment by acknowledging, honoring, and addressing veterans' unique needs, while helping them attaining their educational goals.

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Supervising Dean: Dr. Jeffrey Holmes

The Welcome Center is the first stop for current and prospective students who want to register for classes. A multilingual staff assists students in completing applications for Admissions & Records and Financial Aid. The Welcome Center issues student identification cards, called the cub card. The center also provides campus tours and offers campus and community referrals for employment, child care, medical and/or mental health treatment, family planning, county public assistance, housing, legal aid, and psychological counseling.

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Supervising Dean: Alen Andriassian
Outreach Coordinator: Brenda Brown