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Faculty & Staff

The faculty in the Psychology department represent a diverse group of professors with varying interests, backgrounds, and areas of focus. Our faculty are dedicated to providing the highest quality education to our students. Together they form a collaborative teaching and learning community that inspires and motivates our students towards happiness and success.

To learn more about our faculty or get in contact with them, click the links below.

Full-Time Faculty

  Name Office Ext Email
Jeffrey Blum Jeffrey Blum Ph.D.
LACC Faculty Member
HH 100B 2932
Blythe Daniel Blythe Daniel B.A., M.A.
LACC Faculty Member
HH 100F 2933
April Pavlik April Pavlik B.A., M.A., PsyD.
LACC Faculty Member
HH 100E 2939
Rochelle Sechooler Rochelle Sechooler B.A., M.A., and Ph.D
HH 100G 2930
David Sedghi David Sedghi B.A., M.A., LMFT
Department Chair
HH 100A 2935
Amy Sweetman Amy Sweetman B.A., M.A.,
LACC Faculty Member
HH 100C 2931

Adjunct Faculty

  Name Office Ext Email
Kiomars (Eric) Fiazi Kiomars (Eric) Fiazi B.A., M.S.
Emeritus Professor
HH 100H 2934

Adjunct Faculty