General Theater Studies

General Theater Major

A number of Theater Department classes are available to non-Academy students each semester.

There is no required application or audition for departmental classes.

Students need only register through Los Angeles City College to participate.

Many departmental classes are also required as part of the regular Theatre Academy curriculum and are taught by Theatre Academy faculty.

General Theater Major - For Non-Academy, Associate in Arts Degree

Students studying in the Theater Department fall into three categories:

  1. Students planning to transfer to a four-year college, taking courses to satisfy lower division requirements.
  2. Students satisfying their elective and/or humanities requirements for the AA Degree.
  3. Students satisfying the eighteen-unit requirement for an AA Degree in Theater. No specific combination of classes is required.

The Faculty

Fourteen full-time and part-time faculty in Acting, Technical Theater and Costuming teach both Academy and Departmental Classes. All faculty are available to students for individual evaluation as well as career counseling and assistance.

The Theater Faculty are working professionals in all areas of theatrical performance and production.

Many are active in theater organizations and programs

  • Actor's Equity Association
  • Southern California Educational Theatre Association
  • California Educational Theatre Association
  • United States Institute of Theatre Technology
  • Kennedy Center/American College Theater Festival

Members of the full-time Faculty are also published authors on theater, the craft of acting, and entertainment technology.
Theater Faculty and Staff pages

Departmental/ AA classes Summer 2023

Open enrollment, check availability

TA 110 3 units
7/17/23- 8/20/23
History of World Theater
TA 200

3 units
​​​​​​​7/17/23- 8/20/23

Intro to Acting

Departmental/ AA classes Fall 2023

Open enrollment, check availability

TA 100

3 units
1 section in person
2 sections online

Intro to Theater
TA 105-1 1 unit Theater Survey
TA 105-2 1 unit Theater Survey
TA 105-3 1 unit Theater Survey
TA 105-4 1 unit Theater Survey
TA 110 3 units
History of World Theater
TA 200 3 units Intro to Acting
TA 300 3 units Intro to Stagecraft
TA 385 3 units Directed Study
TA 400 3 units
Costume Periods & Styles

Course Descriptions

Academic Programs: Theater Arts / Theatre Academy (Theater awards & certificates, section 5, p. 63
College Catalog (Theater class descriptions section 6, pp. 310-315)

Class Schedules

Summer 2023
Fall 2023


Department Office

TA 208
To leave a message:
Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext. 2970

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Theater Department Box Office:
To leave a message:
Phone: (323) 953-4000 ext. 2990

Acting Program:
Costume Design Program:
Eddie Bledsoe

Department Chair:
Eddie Bledsoe

Technical Theater Entertainment Technology Program:
Johnny Garofalo