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Tech Bootcamp

Enterprise Incubator


The Los Angeles City College Enterprise Incubator (LACCEI) was designed to prepare and support aspiring entrepreneurs in all stages of small business development. From identifying and capitalizing on an opportunity, to building out a sustainable enterprise – participants of the LACCEI will complete a business plan, design a marketing model, execute business branding, and more!

It was open to all Los Angeles County residents, the LACCEI is a 11-week hybrid (virtual and in-person) program designed to lead participants through the whole entrepreneurial process, from the technical skills of managing money to the critical skills of providing stellar customer service and everything in between.

Highlights of LACCEI programming include:
  • Business Plan development with Liveplan
  • Dedicated workspace provided by Managed Career Solutions
  • Mental Health First Aid Certification
  • LACC Noncredit Certificates -
    • Gig Economy Success Kit Certificate
    • Entrepreneurship Skills Certificate
  • 1-on-1 mentoring, available in over 100 languages
  • And more!

Mastercard + LACC Faculty Externship

Mastercard and Los Angeles City College have teamed up to provide LACC faculty with an exclusive opportunity to participate in a two-weekpaid virtual externship in an exciting and growing industry sector!

Mastercard’s Cyber & Intelligence and/or Data & Services team will accept two LACC faculty members for a virtual externship in any of the following critical business areas:

Data & Services:

  • Data & Analytics

Cyber & Intelligence:

  • Identity
  • Cyber & Risk
  • Experience
  • Network & Access
  • Artificial Intelligence

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Academy

All UAVs are drones, but not all drones are UAVs.

A drone is any vehicle that can be remote-controlled. From agriculture to disaster relief to motion picture filming, drones are rapidly changing the way we live, work, and play. A UAV is a remote-controlled vehicle, or drone, that takes to the sky!

Join the UAV Academy and take the first step toward unmanned flight! In the UAV Academy, you will learn the many public and private sector applications of drones, how to confidently operate a drone, and perform visual inspections using drones!

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