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The Herb Alpert Music Center (HAMC) at Los Angeles City College offers a streamlined curriculum for a transfer ready, career ready, and enriched student community. Our Guided Pathways include:

Our dedicated and experienced professors teach engaging and creative courses in Music Production, Music Technology, Songwriting, World Music, Jazz, Popular Music, Composition, and Instrument and Voice Performance for students of all levels. Students in the HAMC Music Academy receive the opportunity to focus solely on their studies through Herb Alpert Music scholarships that provide full tuition, private lessons, access to instruments, and direct pathways to transfer to CalArts and UCLA.

The Herb Alpert Music Scholarship

The $10.1 million endowment from The Herb Alpert Foundation to the LACC Music Department is the largest private donation to a California community college. All qualified full-time music majors are part of the HAMC Music Academy and receive Herb Alpert Music Scholarships for two years of study. The scholarships are available for in-state, non-resident, and international students who receive a tuition waiver based on the current in-state student tuition fee. In addition, students who audition and are accepted into the HAMC Applied Music Program receive scholarships for private lessons.

The Fall 2023 priority deadline is Friday, June 30.

Learn more and apply here.

Cellos lined up on a stand
Cameron Meyers | Bass, Jazz & Popular Music

The HAMC at LACC is nothing short of magic. For the first time in my decade and a half of music, I am part of an environment of collaboration, love, and support between myself and a bottomless list of talented musicians. In the past I have played with amazing musicians, but here we have a chance to learn together. We see fellow students grow and develop their own styles, share their skills, and collaborate to make something beautiful that would not have happened anywhere else. Theory and Songwriting classes expand our horizons of musical understanding, and let us apply that understanding in new, exciting ways. The Applied Music Program especially is one of the most fulfilling programs I have ever been a part of. We get one-on-one lesson time with incredible teachers, masters of their field, and we get to apply what they have taught us by preparing performances on our own or with other students.

Two pianos
Michal Kanter | Jazz Piano

I could not be more grateful for the education I have been receiving in the HAMC Applied Music Program. I have encountered many dedicated and inspiring professors who have shown kindness and generosity with their guidance and time. Thanks to them, I have improved remarkably in such a short time. They are not just professors but maestros. Dr. Kirov, my private lesson instructor, Professor Kocoshis, our Latin ensemble conductor, and Dr. Park, our department chair—their beliefs in me to become a better musician has an enormous effect in my life as a human being and as a musician.

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A drum kit set up in a recording studio
Dante Newcombe-Kenealy | Drums, Jazz & Popular Music

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at the HAMC building at LACC, mostly due to the outstanding staff and faculty. If it weren't for the teachers we have now, I am not sure where I would be in my journey. They push me and allow me to grow while also being very open and honest with me, which is very important to me. Something else I have enjoyed is the camaraderie of students. You are encouraged to work with others and from personal experiences, I have heard some beautiful music being made.

Piano, chairs, stands, and percussion equipment in a large rehearsal room
Raea Jennerich | Composition

Studying at Los Angeles City College’s Herb Alpert Music Center opened up many doors for me into the world of music. Something that I appreciate about the school’s program is the extensive and comprehensive curriculum. I was allowed the freedom to explore different subjects which led me to study music composition. So many interesting and dynamic courses are offered that have expanded my knowledge greatly in such a short span of time. These courses are all taught by incredible and accomplished faculty that encourage students to grow in a welcoming environment. The HAMC faculty help cultivate individuality by offering many paths for students in all genres and styles of music. I am very grateful to have been a part of this incredible program that has changed the lives of everyone who has been a part of it.

Wake Up | Keshell Phillips

The LACC Music Academy Outstanding Honors Performance Award is given to one or more Music Majors each semester who demonstrate excellence in musical performance. Outstanding Student Performers are selected in the areas of all instruments (piano, woodwinds, brass, strings, guitar and percussion), voice, music technology, and composition.

Keshell Phillips (singer/songwriter) is one of three Fall 2021 recipients of the award. This semester she completed the LACC Music Academy (Applied Music Program), along with ten other students, and looks forward to transferring next fall.

Album Cover

New album "I Could Be Dreaming" by LACC alumna and USC transfer student Keshell Phillips, out now!

Computers set up with piano MIDI keyboards
William Johnson | Music Technology

The Herb Alpert Music Center has been monumental in allowing me to create a new foundation for life and learning. I started taking classes online during COVID-19. By the time in-person classes returned, I was greeted by the amazing faculty of the department and found myself reaching new heights with my educational goals. I’ve now become a full-time music major pursuing an AA-T in Music Technology and in my second semester of the Applied Music Program. In addition, I was able to study in Spain for one month in the HAMC Summer Study Abroad Program with a scholarship. To say that my life has changed for the better is just the tip of the iceberg. Between the staff, my classmates and peers, as well as through the curriculum of the department, I feel more than inspired to achieve a future in music I never even thought was possible. So thankful for everyone at the HAMC!

Piano keys in close-up
Marcus Torres | Media Composition

Reflecting on my studies at HAMC, I can say that I gained more than an education. I came to this school not knowing if and how I would fit in. I quickly realized that I was surrounded by people who truly care about me and my future. HAMC is the perfect place to find your musical path. Whether you are trying to be a performer, composer, DJ, or audio engineer, the curriculum at this school is designed to help you reach your specific goals. Since I enrolled in this school, I have composed full length scores to film, played in many ensembles, and studied with world renowned musicians. The Herb Alpert Scholarship has set my life up for a very bright future and I will never forget the impact my professors had on my musical journey. I wholeheartedly believe that whatever musical future you are looking for can be found here at HAMC.

Herb Alpert Foundation Donates $10.1 Million to LACC: Music Majors Receive Tuition-Free Studies

Trumpeter Herb Alpert, known for his unique brand of Latin-tinged jazz pop, and for being a co-founder of A&M Records, a label that released key albums by artists from Cat Stevens to Janet Jackson, is now making his mark on education.
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The final performance of the LA City College choirs for the Spring 2022 semester, featuring the Philharmonic and College Choirs performing works inspired by African-American heritage. Sing We and Chant It | Thomas Morley Non Nobis | Rosephayne Powell Where Your Bare Foot Walks | Music by David N. Childs, text quotations from Rumi Poems Gone Home | Traditional spiritual, arr. John Wykloff True Colors | Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly Lift Every Voice and Sing | Lyrics by James Weldon Johnson, music by J. Rosamund Johnson Stand Up | by Joshuahh Campbell and Cynthia Echeumuna-Erivo, arr. Mac Huff Shout Glory! | Byron J. Smith Dr. Irene Kim, director Neil Windt, pianist Dr. Ron Anderson, pianist

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