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The TES database is an internal tool that may be used by LACC counselors, faculty, and the Articulation Officer. TES provides faculty guidance on how to apply credits and course pass-alongs primarily for GE and competency evaluation purposes (i.e., where courses may be deemed similar or equivalent to LACC courses). Substitution of coursework required to meet any general education and graduation competency requirements (e.g., Math, English, Ethnic Studies) is solely at the discretion of the Counseling faculty or Articulation Officer.  Please keep in mind that our repository of courses can be modified or updated from time to time. It does not replace proper academic advising.

Appropriate credit will be awarded when your transcripts are officially verified and when you submit a graduation petition and/or transfer certification request. Your official transcripts and/or external exams from other institutions must be sent directly to LACC’s Admissions and Records. For Pass Along Credits, we do not award credit posted to a third-party institution’s transcript. Credit is only considered from the original institution’s official academic record.


For spring 2022 semester we are coninuing online services as well as having counselors in-person (M-TH 9-3). Hours subject to change.

Counseling Intern Pool:
To apply for possible 2022-2023 Unclassified Paid Intern positions in the Counseling Department (must be enrolled in college undergraduate or graduate programs), please complete the form at this LINK. Applications are due May 31, 2022.

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