LACC COVID-19 Survey Check-in

The campus is currently open. Non-LACC students or students who have not completed BioCept testing, you are required to complete The COVID-19 Survey before entering campus.

You will be required to check-in at designated entrance prior to entering campus. Prior to enter you must complete the COVID-19 Survey and enter campu through the visitor line.

Questions??? You can live chat with a representative from this office using the information at the bottom of this page, or by visiting the Online Student Services Building. Please note that some services are still in the process of being moved online (including access to campus phone extensions and voicemail) and will vary by office.


To activate your Cleared4 account, you must do the following:

  1. Log into the LACCD Student Information System at
  2. Click on the white tile named To Do List & Holds.
  3. Click on the To Do List item called COVID 19 Enrollment Restriction to read the task details
  4. This will trigger the activation of your Cleared4work account in 2 business days.
  5. Keep an eye on your LACCD student email for emails from
  6. The email will have your unique link for you to use to create your profile, upload proof of vaccination, and make an appointment for the COVID-19 test on campus.
  7. You will see the COVID19 Enrollment restriction To Do List item removed once your account is ready for enrollment into in person classes. Clearance from the To Do list is not immediate. It will be 2 business days from the day you submit proof of vaccination and get the results of the negative baseline test. Both things need to get done for a clearance.”


Students are restricted from enrolling in in-person or hybrid courses in Spring 2022 UNLESS:

  1. You upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination & complete COVID-19 test on one of the LACCD campuses, or
  2. You upload a document requesting vaccination waiver due to medical or religious reasons & obtain approval (student portal)

To complete the process above, select the link included in the email message from “Cleared4” (sent to your LACCD student email account) and follow the instructions. If you had registered for Spring 2022 classes during the Fall 2021 semester and have not completed the process above, you may have been dropped from your in-person or hybrid courses by the district. Please check your enrollment status to ensure that you are enrolled in Spring 2022 courses and meet the F1 regulations to maintain your visa status.

If you did not receive the Cleared4 link, please contact Cleared4 Help Desk at

If your Cleared4 account has been deactivated, please send an email to requesting reactivation. Your account will be reactivated within 24 hours.