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Learn English at LACC

Learn English at LACC

LACC provides a variety of credit and non-credit ESL classes to meet your personal and/or academic goals.

Credit ESL

Students in cap and gown attend graduation

If you currently live in California and need ESL classes for a college degree, certificate, or transfer to a 4-year college or university.

Or if you need academic ESL for your job.

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Noncredit ESL

A diverse group of Noncredit ESL students smile and wave

If you currently live in California and need some English practice for talking to your boss, co-workers, neighbors or children.

Or if you want to pass the GED test, or study for the citizenship exam.

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Differences Between Credit and Noncredit ESL Classes

  Credit ESL Noncredit ESL
Classes Offered

Low intermediate to high-advanced ESL classes

Elective courses on reading/vocabulary, listening/speaking skills

Literacy to intermediate ESL classes

Civics Education

Vocational ESL

Conversational ESL classes

Transition to credit ESL classes

Residency Requirements

For California residents, out-of-state students, international students, and DACA

Does not require proof of residency

Enrollment Policy

Managed enrollment
(Classes must be added or dropped by specific dates)

Open-enrollment, all courses are repeatable


Letter Grades or Pass/No Pass

Pass/Satisfactory/No Pass


Charged standard tuition but students may be qualified for financial aid or fee waiver


Similarities Between Credit and Noncredit ESL Classes

All credit and non-credit ESL classes:

  • Help students improve English skills (reading, writing, listening, speaking)
  • Prepare students to achieve academic success, career advancement, or other personal goals
  • Require study time outside of class
  • Are taught by dedicated and professional ESL instructors